Month Year

1. Changes in PE Deemed Exports prices

1. Increase in prices of HD Pipe grades by Rs. 2000/MT, 45GP004 by Rs 2500/MT, 46GP003 by Rs 3000/MT and HD Film grades by Rs 2000/MT. Roll over in prices of all other HDPE grades.
2.Roll Over in prices of all LLDPE grades.<3>Roll over in prices of all LDPE grades.
4. No change in Deemed Exports prices

1.Increase in prices of HDPE grades by Rs.1500/-MT except HD IM Low/High,Raffia & MF where prices increase by Rs.1000/-MT.
2.Roll over in prices of all LLDPE grades except E24065/JE24065 and related grades where prices decrease by Rs.1500/PMT.
3.LDPE Prices corrected with introduction of Regional Discount.
4.Changes in PE Deemed Exports Prices.

 Introduced price of 24FS040B (Non-prime) grade is being manufactured at Baroda Plant.

1. PE Domestic prices have been rolled over.
2.Changes in Deemed Exports prices as per attached price list.