Month Year

Changes in PE Deemed Export prices

1.Increase in prices of all HDPE grades by Rs. 1500/MT.
2.Increase in prices of all LLDPE grades by Rs. 1500/MT.
3.Increase in prices of all LDPE grades by Rs. 1500/MT.

Changes in PE Domestic & Deemed Export Prices

1. Changes in Deemed Export prices as per attached price list.
2. PE Domestic Prices have been Rolled over.

1.Increase in prices of HDPE Raffia grades by Rs. 1000 / MT, Roll over in prices of all other HDPE grades.
2.Increase in prices of LLDPE Butene Film grades by Rs. 1500 / MT, Roll over in prices of all other LLDPE grades.
3.Increase in prices of All LDPE grades by Rs. 1000 / MT.
4.Changes in Deemed Export prices