Month Year

LDPE prices have been revised downward by of Rs 3000 PMT across all sectors except LD EC, where reduction is of Rs 4000 PMT.

Deemed Export prices have been revised.

1. No change in HDPE & LLDPE prices.
2. LDPE prices reduced by 4000/- in LD AL & LD EC, 3000/- in LD GP, 1000/- in LD MP.

1. No change in HDPE Prices except HD BM & HD Film, where prices have been revised upwards by Rs 2000 PMT
2. No change in LLDPE Prices
3. Downward revision of Rs 1000 PMT in LDPE across all sectors except LD EC, which is reduced by Rs 2000 PMT

1. HDPE Prices increased by Rs 3000-5000 PMT in different sectors.
2.LLDPE Prices increased by Rs 2000 PMT across all grades.
3.No change in LDPE Prices.
4.PE DE Prices revised.