Month Year

1.Increase in prices of HDPE grades by Rs.1500/-MT except HD IM Low/High,Raffia & MF where prices increase by Rs.1000/-MT.
2.Roll over in prices of all LLDPE grades except E24065/JE24065 and related grades where prices decrease by Rs.1500/PMT.
3.LDPE Prices corrected with introduction of Regional Discount.
4.Changes in PE Deemed Exports Prices.

 Introduced price of 24FS040B (Non-prime) grade is being manufactured at Baroda Plant.

1. PE Domestic prices have been rolled over.
2.Changes in Deemed Exports prices as per attached price list.

1. Increase in prices of HD Raffia, HD MF & HD IM High grades Rs. 1500 / MT while roll over in prices of all other HDPE grades.
2. Roll Over in prices of all LLDPE grades.
3. Decrease in prices of LD GP, LD AL, LD HD & LD IM grades by Rs. 1500 / MT while decrease in prices of LD EC & LD MP grades by Rs. 4000 / MT.
4. No changes in DE prices.

1. Introduced prices for LDPE and new LLDPE grades are being manufactured at Jamnagar Plant.