Month Year

LLDPE Prices rolled over in Roto sector and decreased by Rs 2000/MT in all other sector.
2.LDPE Prices decreased by Rs 1500/MT in GP, AL & W&C sector, JMD J22FA002E grade and rolled over in all other sector.
3.HDPE Prices rolled over.
4.PE DE Prices have been revised

1.LLDPE Prices decreased by Rs 3000/MT in Roto sector & roll over in all other sectors.
2.HDPE & LDPE prices rolled over.

1.LDPE Prices increased by Rs 2000/MT in EC & roll over in all other sectors.
2. HDPE & LLDPE Prices rolled over
3.PE DE Prices have been revised.

1. LDPE Prices increased by Rs 5000/MT in EC & HD sector (JMD HD sector increased by Rs 3000/MT), LDPE IM, MP & GP sector increased by Rs 2000/MT and rolled over in other sectors.
2. HDPE & LLDPE prices rolled over.

1.HDPE prices decreased by Rs 2000/MT and LLDPE prices decreased by Rs 3000/MT.
2.LDPE Prices rolled over.