Month Year

PP Domestic locational basic prices have been reduced in Homo-Polymers by Rs. 2500 /MT, ICP by Rs. 4000 /MT and RCP by Rs. 3000 /MT.

1. PP domestic Ex-Plant prices Increased by Rs. 2000 /MT across all Sectors.
2. PP Ex-Depot prices Increased by Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 /MT depending upon Depot Locations.
3. AM120N/AM120NS Prices have been changed for Select Depots.

1. Rollover in PP Domestic prices in Homo-Polymer and RCP; and reduction in domestic prices in ICP by Rs. 1500/MT.
2. Additionally, in the below mentioned grades, prices have been increased by Rs. 800/MT :
103X, 112X, 116X, 160X, 165X, 203X, 203XL, 212X, AM120N, AM120NS, PP2CPGSP, UHF, ULF.

1. PP domestic prices are revised downwards by Rs. 1500/MT for Homo-polymers, by Rs. 1500 PMT for RCP, and by Rs. 2000/MT for ICP, except for Adipol grades AM120N, AM120NS, AM650N and AM650NS where decrease in PP Domestic Ex-works basic prices is by Rs. 800/MT only.

PP domestic prices are revised downwards by Rs. 2000/MT for Homopolymers and Rs. 1000/MT for Co-Polymers.