Month Year

1. PP Domestic prices for Homo and RCP have been revised upwards by 1500/MT whereas ICP prices have been rolled over.
2. PP Deemed prices have also been revised as per RIL PP DE Policy.

PP Domestic locational basic prices have been reduced in Homo-Polymers by Rs. 2500 /MT, ICP by Rs. 4000 /MT and RCP by Rs. 3000 /MT.

1. PP domestic Ex-Plant prices Increased by Rs. 2000 /MT across all Sectors.
2. PP Ex-Depot prices Increased by Rs. 1000 to Rs. 2000 /MT depending upon Depot Locations.
3. AM120N/AM120NS Prices have been changed for Select Depots.

1. Rollover in PP Domestic prices in Homo-Polymer and RCP; and reduction in domestic prices in ICP by Rs. 1500/MT.
2. Additionally, in the below mentioned grades, prices have been increased by Rs. 800/MT :
103X, 112X, 116X, 160X, 165X, 203X, 203XL, 212X, AM120N, AM120NS, PP2CPGSP, UHF, ULF.

1. PP domestic prices are revised downwards by Rs. 1500/MT for Homo-polymers, by Rs. 1500 PMT for RCP, and by Rs. 2000/MT for ICP, except for Adipol grades AM120N, AM120NS, AM650N and AM650NS where decrease in PP Domestic Ex-works basic prices is by Rs. 800/MT only.